7 stunning facts about Chinese cuisine you probably didn’t know about

  1. Chinese food is definitely among the healthiest ones in the world. The fact is – Chinese people eat as much as twice vegetables more than Western people. That’s why even after eating a bit greasy food you feel good.
  2. Why Chinese eat with chopsticks? – In ancient times knives and forks were considered as weapon, so in order to avoid different fatal “misunderstandings” Chinese people got used to chop food into small pieces and eat them with sticks. Can you imagine – around 45 billions pairs of disposable chopsticks are produced every year in China only!
  3. Chinese cuisine differs depending on the region. China is one of the world’s largest countries, so it’s natural that people eat a bit different food in different parts of the state. While Northern part of the country is more about wheat, warmer and more wet South preferі rice.
  4. A lot of people think that cookies with predictions inside is originally Chinese invention. Hm: “yes” and “no” – these cookies were invented by Chinese immigrant in San Francisco. Actually the fortune cookies celebrate 100th year anniversary this year, they aren’t so ancient as you thought of them, right?
  5. Rice is a King of Meal. There are over 40.000 kinds of rice which are cultivated on every continent except for Antarctica.
  6. Chop suey – probably the most famous Chinese food isn’t authentically Chinese. It also was invented by Chinese immigrant in the US. It became so popular that the alternative rock band System of A Down named one of their most famous hits “Chop Suey”.
  7. Chinese food has 5 main tastes which should be perfectly balanced according to Chinese medicine. They are 4 “s” and 1 “b”: salty, sour, sweet, spicy and bitter. A lot of Chinese foods and beverages are considered to be a kind of medicines – they are extremely healthy and good for your body and soul.

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