3 Chinese foods you should try if you work really hard

Sometimes we feel exhausted during a long working day. But there’s no surprise – even robots need to recharge their batteries. Fortunately there are some ways to recharge “human batteries” as well, and eating good Asian food is just one of them. Here we’d like to suggest you 3 different Chinese foods which help you to refresh your energy.

So our first recommendation is Beef with chili. Why Beef with chili? – It’s quite spicy which means it gives you back your passion! Sometimes the work is pretty monotonous, so you need something to wake your feelings up. Beef with chili acts like a bomb. Besides this it gives you energy to finish all your tasks and even have some fun in the evening. Order this magic piece of Chinese cuisine just for AED 32, we’ll bring it right to your office!

Number 2 for today’s boosting energy mix is Chicken with cashew nuts. If you feel  exhausted like a long-forgotten old party balloon, this Chinese food is just right for you! Did you know – cashew nuts contain so much energy, you can fly to the Moon and back using them as your fuel. Chicken with nuts is like a double punch right into hunger’s face. Use this opportunity to boost your energy and achieve more! Order delivery just for AED 31.

Prefer vegetarian food? – No problem! Did we tell you that Chinese eat as much as twice more vegetables than any western nations do?So ordering Chinese food is like ordering a double portion of average vegetarian food. Try mixed vegetables sizzler combo with rice or noodles + soft drink just for AED 32.